Buy & Sell - Individual Customer

Welcome to Vroom! Here is a guide to all Buy & Sell Issues for you.

When you select to buy a Used Vehicle – you should quote a price against the selling price to the seller through the website. The seller may receive multiple offers from multiple buyers. If he/she decides to sell the vehicle at your offered price – he/she will contact you through your registered number and you can mutually discuss and close the deal. Vroom will not charge any fee on the transaction. In case, you or the seller want to avail the Ownership Transfer Services, Insurance or Loan services through Vroom – we will be happy to assist in exchange of a fee.

When you select to buy a Reconditioned/Brand New Vehicle – you need to pay a booking money. This booking money is fully refundable (minus bank charges 5%) if you later decided not to buy the vehicle. This decision has to be confirmed over email within 24/48 hours of such booking as specified by the seller. After that, the dealer is not bound to hold the vehicle for you. Since the vehicle is usually kept at the showroom and there is a possibility that someone has booked/purchased it on spot by that time someone makes a booking online – in such cases your amount will be fully returned without any deduction. In case someone fails to close the deal within the fixed time, you can adjust with your next purchase or take refund minus bank charges 5%.

Selling a used vehicle is simple through Vroom. After registration upload photos and vehicle details in the website. Vroom team will review your post and make it publish to the website for thousands of buyers to see. There are three packages available now for sellers –

  1. 10 days post display package – BDT 200
  2. 20 days post display package – BDT 400
  3. 30 days post display package – BDT 600

You can select anyone based on your need and pay accordingly. Buyers will send you messages with their offered price and after reviewing them, you can select to whom you want to sell.

If there is a issue with negotiating or you don’t have people or place to show your vehicle to the prospective buyers – Vroom can help you in that also in exchange of a fee. Call us to know more on this.

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